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    Mrs. Fruit's woodworking blog, filled with pretty pictures and words I've never heard of. I really don't know what she's talking about. There are also a few cute pics of our companion animals, because we're gay and it's a requirement.

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      Our home, backyard, dogs and Mrs. Fruit incognito. And oh yeah, David Beckham nude.
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    Podcasts I listen to

    • Answer Me This Podcast
      Funny stuff from three smarty-pants young Brits.
    • Cast-on with Brenda Dayne
      A knitting lesbian ex-pat living in Wales who gives really good podcast. She knows how to do it. Great music, too!
    • Classic Mysteries
      Short summaries of good classic mysteries.
    • Craft Mentality
      Amber and Tasha talk about kntting, sewing, cooking, reading and Project Runway.
    • Craftlit
      Billed as a "podcast for crafters who like to read." Heather is a writer, teacher, mom, blogger etc. with great insights. Podcast ends with a chapter or two from whatever book is currently featured.
    • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    • Decently and in order
      A podcast about life in the Presbyterian Church (USA), by four pastors under 40.
    • Fresh Air With Terry Gross
    • Girls on Girls
      Two really funny and cute lesbian comics. I listen while I walk the dogs, grinning and guffawing down the street.
    • Great Speeches in History
      These are great. If possible (e.g. JFK), they come with the original speaker. If not (e.g. Jesus), they have really good readers reading the speeches/lectures/sermons.
    • Jonathan Ross
      Not as sexy as old Russ, but funny and good interviewer. Except he asked Keeley Hawes about her poo; I didn't appreciate that.
    • Matt's Today in History
      Matt Dattilo reading about stuff that happened today in history. Obviously.
    • New Yorker
    • News From Lake Wobegon
      Now you don't have to be home on Saturday evenings to catch Garrison Keillor's monologue.
    • NYT Front Page
      Daily headlines from the front page of the New York Times. The link takes you to all the Times' podcasts.
    • Oxford Biographies
      Short biographical sketches of famous Brits.
    • Oypod
      A Jewish teen podcast. This kid plays great music, among other things, such as Hebrew slang and news from Israel.
    • Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show (audio)
    • Radio 3 Arts and Ideas
      Pretty self-explanatory. From the Beeb.
    • Russell Brand
      Alas, old Russ resigned from the BBC so his podcasts are no longer available, but here's a link to his youtube website. He's smart, articulate and damn sexy. And he knows that "drugs is bad."
    • Savage Love Podcast
      Profane, disgusting, entertaining and very educational podcast based on Dan Savage's sex column. I've learned about some things I rather wish I hadn't, but can't stop listening. Mrs. Fruit refuses to partake----too many F-bombs.
    • Stephen Fry's Podgrams
      Writer, actor, comedian, filmmaker, Mac enthusiast and really interesting podcaster. The worst thing about this podcast is that he doesn't do it enough.
    • The Archers
      My current, hopeless addiction. A daily podcast of the world's longest running daily soap.
    • The Football Phone-in 606
      Folks call in after soccer games to rant, give props, etc.
    • The Lesbian Mafia
    • The Planet
      I love these womyn! Hysterically funny podcast, ostensibly about The L Word, but more often random observations about anything and everything. This is one of the best podcasts out there.
    • Wiggly Podcast
      A really well-done podcast about organic farming, composting, agriculture, etc.
    • World Literature Podcasting
      Classics of world literature discussed and summarized.
    • World War II History
      You can download podcasts or subscribe to the blog, which provides daily updates.

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