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    24 January 2010


    The Village Carpenter

    I'll patch the holes in your jeans. Bring 'em out to my shop. Got a nail gun out there. You'll want to take them off first, though.


    Haha! Kari beat me to that suggestion! It's like that Dutch (and probably every other language) expression--cheap is expensive. Mom jeans--phenomenal! Please tell me that they're not that horrific kind with elastic on the waistband.

    The Village Carpenter

    Mom jeans=pleats. haha


    If you can make them wearable, VC, you're welcome to use the nail gun. Naomi, elastic on the waistband sounds pretty sweet. No pleats, however.


    i keep thinking i'll hold off on another pair too--until i'm not size 16 anymore. and i wish they'd take the spandex out of the levis. though i do love quilting, i rarely sew on a button and have no idea how to really patch.

    i'm glad you got my gift, and like it. maybe it could be positioned so that the holes are hidden behind it.


    Angela, I LOVE the scarf and had a good laugh thinking how I could wear it backwards to strategically cover the holes on my rear end. Or, I could wear it like a giant sash.


    You cook dinner every night??? ;-)

    The Village Carpenter

    She doesn't cook dinner anymore. I had to ask her to stop because the meals she was making tasted too good and I was putting on weight!


    What did you sit on that made you get holes in your jeans? Are you dragging your butt on the ground or something?
    Go to Target and buy jeans from the mens section - good ol' rough and tough Wranglers!

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